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Copiers Shop was founded in Cairo - Egypt .Our company came together in 1999
out of a love for entrepreneurship and a passion for global trade.
Copiers Shop went online in the spring of 2010.
Our Business Objective:
At Copiers Shop To service you the best. Our specialty is document technology - Copiers Toner -
Copiers Supplies - copier parts - printer - toner - supplies - toner-cartridges - maintenance-kits - drum-units -
for many brands like Canon - Konica Minolta - Ricoh - Samsung - Sharp - Toshiba - Xerox.
Our Mission:
To become the leading one-Line trade agency - Offering our local buyers a comprehensive
service package including prime office equipment - parts - and consumables -
as well as fulfilling all their transportation needs expediently and most cost effectively.
In sum - Copiers Shop is dedicated to earning our buyers full trust and long-term commitment
to our companys products and services.
Therefore - if you are a Retail/Web customer - we encourage you to browse our site and compare
our pricing - product range and service.
If you are a Corporate or Wholesale customer we urge you to call us to discuss your
specific requirements and obtain special pricing.

هاتف   : هاتف : 1006753028
الدولة مصر,, Cairo,Egypt
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