Hosny Brothers for Trade and Distribution

Hosny Brothers established in 1962 in a small wholesale shop loacted in “Bin El-Sorin” which was the main and only wholesale market for goods in Egypt at this time, was the first company between its competitors that used the computer technology in stock and sales management in 1996, With that system we could grow to make high sales. We started with a small client base, grew within time to reach about 150 wholesale clients, 50 distributor clients and more than 500 retail clients, who are located in every city in Egypt from Alexandria to Aswan. We are considered to be the biggest distributors for many big brands and companies like Johnson-Wax, Heinz, Craft, Hero, and many other import companies. Currently Designing a website to make it easier for our clients to make online orders through a catalogue of all our items, which will be the first site in Egypt serving wholesale and retail sector.
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