25 years of export experience in dried food and agricultural crops

18 ,September,2019
Nile Crops is one of Nile group companies and One of the leading Egyptian Agricultural Crops companies that support the Egyptian economy in the field of export. Company established about a quarter of a century, and the company’s manufacture Super Egyptian rice ,Egyptian white kidney beans, High quality Dates. Where the company has the biggest legumes production lines and the company offers its products from luxury Dates and herbs and white bean and all Egyptian agricultural crops to all countries of the world with highest quality and less competitive prices following the latest industry techniques and food security for mobilization.The company holds an ISO quality certificate.The company has set up a factory for luxury Dates and Working hard to finish our second factory , which covers an area of 4000 meters and in order to support and improve Egyptian exports, and help the Egyptian economy .Our basic goals is to provide the highest quality products with the lowest price and satisfy our customers all over the world
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we can move our products to any where all over the world
Mohamed Nawar
مصر, دمنهور
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مصر- البحيره-دمنهور -نديبه طريق الحوش العنوان
مصر  البلد
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